We build and grow outstanding, content-rich websites that inform and engage readers. That’s what we do. Plain and simple.

Each webpage we create addresses a unique consumer need identified through careful analysis of search patterns, survey results, and other data culled via good old-fashioned elbow grease. In other words, we spend countless hours investigating what people are looking for and why — and, most importantly, how we can help.

The success of our sites and our company starts with the people. We hire and partner with subject-matter experts, top designers, best-in-class developers, and award-winning writers and journalists.

These absolutely vital contributors are the main reason we continuously move our websites above and beyond the competition.

In short, we crush it. And then we crush it some more. And then we sit down with it and tell it that we’re crushing it. And then we write it an email detailing how we crushed it, followed by a phone call to announce how much we crushed it and how we’re crushing this phone call. And if we’re not actively crushing it, then we’re working hard planning our next needle-moving project, i.e., crushing it.

We build and grow outstanding, content-rich websites that inform and engage readers. That’s what we do. Plain and simple.


We are data junkies

We leverage publicly available data from highly reputable sources to create compelling analyses for our website visitors. We create, organize and transform massive data sets into content that yields valuable insight. Along the way, we’ve built strong partnerships with organizations such as the National Center for Education Statistics and the Carnegie Foundation.

We know content

We partner with dozens of writers, editors, subject-matter experts, and other top-notch content creators with backgrounds in academia, journalism, online media, graphic design, higher education, and tech.

We are creative

We actively seek new and more effective ways to engage with readers. Content may start with words, but great content uses text, charts, graphs, interactive tools, and other mechanisms to convey meaning and maximize experience.

We are efficient

In all aspects of our business, from research and writing to design and development, and from ideas to prioritization to execution, we push each other to find the most intelligent and efficient paths to problem solving and project completion. Everyone at EPIC has a voice, which shapes our direction and drives our culture.

We are visible

We produce content that tackles specific questions posed by users on the web. People find our articles, guidebooks and other resources because our data, content, design, and development stand out.

Who we are

The EPIC team spans multiple industry sectors, from management and hi-tech to higher education, design, and editorial. We combine our strengths and work together to create websites that provide value and constantly push the envelope.

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